Hi, Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Agata, I’m CEO and co-founder of 3dzook, also I’m an illustrator:)

What are you working on?

In 3dzook I'm working on artworks, graphic design and product management, also I give interviews:))

TUMO workshop led by agata

What are the challenges and successes you've faced at Dzook?

Our work is quite innovative and experimental, we cannot learn from someone who already passed that way, so we are creating a lot of new stuff, trying our new ideas, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing, but definitely all the processes are always very interesting:)

The mix of art and technology gives marvelous synergy and we get a good or satisfying result and it's always a small victory for our team!

We have trained our AI algorithm (whom we call Aila) to draw like us! This is AI magic, at least for us:)

What are your goals?

to conquer the world:))))

well to get millions of people to use our platform, to create unique and stylish portraits for them, to make them feel unique and have fun, to create an HR platform, so HR specialist could easily create personalized posts and products for their beloved employees, to make a live camera with illustrated faces and lots of other things:)

Do you have a mentor?

We have 2 advisers, professionals of the field who help us a lot

Do you mentor anyone?

I was teaching TUMO students to create characters, can it be counted for mentoring?:))))))))))

What could the tech industry do to better foster female talent?

I think the tech industry is quite female-oriented now, there are lots of foundations that want to invest in female founders and startups, in Armenia a big percent of tech staff is female, and proof of that is the IT companies I worked in. The same is for our company. There are many Armenia organizations that boost females in tech.

What advice would you give to people getting into your field?

For me, the most important thing is the people I'm surrounded with. With a dream-team, you can do everything:) Then working like hard-hard:) Pray to meet the right people, who will understand and share your ideas:) This is what I did:)))))

What’s the best and worst advice you have received?

Best - Love what you do, do what you love!

the worst advice,... hmmm..I cannot remember:)

ah ok, this one that I hate: don't worry, there are no irreplaceable people. No! each and every person is irreplaceable.

Who do you follow? What blogs do you read?

Most of the people I follow are illustrators or digital artists:) So most of the time I follow their profile pages on Artstation or Instagram and watch their streamings. Most viewed this month was a french artist Nesskain, TB Choi an artist from LA and Miki Montllo fantastic Spanish artist. I don't follow any certain bloggers, I just read interesting articles in Medium, the last one was yesterday about Influencers marketing:)

What’s the best way to keep up to date with what you’re doing?

Get our "dzook" apps on the App Store and Play Market, use our dzook.ai page, follow our FB page, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and read our articles in Medium:) And you can follow my FB account:))))))))