Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Sabrina and I am full stack Javascript developer. I learned how to code at 12 years old and I’ve been doing so ever since! I work with NodeJs, MongoDB And ReactJS among many other technologies. I am also skilled in Python and Java.

Currently I work as a TA for a coding bootcamp and will be interning this summer as a web developer intern for a Silicon Valley tech company.

I was awarded a full scholarship for women in technology at my university where I study computer science, and won a web development competition there for an app I am still developing and look forward to launching soon.

I consider myself to be 100% right brain (creative and design-oriented) and 100% left brain (technical, science-focused) and I’m thankful that technology is a field that allows me to explore the full breadth of my interests and personality.

What got you into coding? Did you have a role model or mentor?

So I actually got into coding from playing a video game called The Sims 2. It’s a life simulator where you build a character and play with their life. I wanted to make custom clothing and designs for my game so I started learning how to use photo editing software. Eventually I wanted to build my own game and my own websites, so I learned how to code from the internet!

I also vividly remember reading one of my favorite girl magazines when I was younger and a girl was talking about making a blog on I wanted to make one too and I was surprised at how easy it was to set up. That also sparked my interest for making websites

What are your goals?

I aim to continue working in the tech industry because technology is my passion. For the moment I plan to keep honing my web developer skills so I can be effective at my job. I also plan to post more blog posts on my instagram and website to inspire more young women to pursue careers in STEM. It is a highly rewarding industry to work in and I hope more girls realize how exciting it is

What tips would you give to someone wanting to break into tech?

I would tell them the following:
1. Be your WHOLE you: Don’t shred aspects of your fun/amazing personality to fit the mold of what you believe a techie should be like.
2. Focus on learning concepts first: My dad always tells me that if you learn how to read a map, even if the cities change, you can still find your way. Learn concepts so that you can easily pick up new technologies.
3. Don’t quit when it gets challenging: Eventually in your tech journey things WILL get hard. That’s the time you need to double down on your skills and focus instead quitting. Because you will improve and things will make sense soon enough

Follow people that look like you and that are doing the things you want to do. It reminds you that your goals are achievable and that if these people are crushing it so can you!

What’s the best way to learn new technologies?

I believe the best way would be to have a portfolio for which you build side projects. Anytime you learn a new technology or framework, you should consolidate it with a project. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown application, it can be a mini project. This will help you apply the new skills you learn and provide you with a solid reference for the future

How can people find your work?

You can find my portfolio at and my blog at . On instagram and github you can find me @brinascode

Thanks Sabrina keep up the great work

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