Hi, could you introduce yourself?

Hello! My name is Stacy. I’m a Junior Software Developer and here is a brief overview of my path:

I don’t have any breathtaking stories about me coding when I was a kid neither about my passion to computers at the young age.

Instead, I really liked painting and wanted to do it nonstop.

Many years later, I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and in order to make a Senior Project I had to buy a Laptop( which I didn’t have for many years, and really don’t know how I’ve lived without it). The Senior Project was done and I could spend more time playing with the laptop.

At first, I studied 3D design for over a year and really enjoyed it. However, it couldn’t completely satisfy my curiosity. So, I wanted to do something more interesting and challenging. I think, it was a turning point where my developer side started to wake up slowly and I began to crave for coding challenges :)

As a result, I’ve been studying Front End Development with free online resources. I’ve also created an Instagram account where I share some useful information regarding front end development and my personal projects.

@codemyjourney a female coder

What are your goals?

In the short-term, I’d like to continue professional education, get in touch with more developers from my area, and keep writing about my experience, which I believe could help newbies in a tech world stay motivated and inspired.
One of my long-term goals is to become an expert in Software Engineering and work for a big tech company.

Do you have a mentor or role model?

There are people who are ready to help when I’m stuck with some programming concepts, but I’d rather call them friends than mentors.

In addition developer’s community is super warm and welcoming, there you start building your network and get in touch with great mix of people.

Actually I don’t have a role model. I guess nothing that lines up to one person will line up the same way for another. Moreover it is better to be unique and be your own person.

Female coder @codemyjourney

Many people give up learning coding. What advice do you have for people doubting their abilities?

Doubts are essential and all people have them. It’s important to make sure you’re not too hard on yourself, and you get enough sleep and rest.

One of the great practices you’ve probably already heard about, is to write down your goals. So, whenever you have doubts you can get back to what you’ve written and stay focused on the main goal.
It’s also good to go for a walk to refresh your mind and spend more time with positive and supportive people.

On the other hand, people tend to give up because they expect to learn coding in a month or two, but it’s not how it works. Programming is a totally new skill for most of the people and our brain needs time to comprehend new information.
But if you’re determined to learn, remember, there is no better time than now. Don’t let your doubts stop you from achieving your dreams.

What advice do you have for people breaking into tech?

In my opinion, nowadays there are plenty of opportunities in the tech world. You can find many ways to start even if you’ve never written a line of code. Internet offers tons of great tutorials. Also newbies should not be afraid of building their own projects.

I find it easy to get distracted in the modern world, because of that my advice is to stay consistent with your goals.

What do you think the tech world could do better to support and encourage women?

We need to get middle school girls to think programming is cool. Even better, if they’d think about it not as work, but as a creative process to pursue their passions.
In the past years organizations such as Code Now, Black Girls Code and Microsoft’s national Digigirls, were created to teach girls computer science. In addition, many Coding Bootcamps offer a deferred tuition where you don’t pay until you land a job.

Because of that, the situation with gender gap is getting better and better, but there are still not enough women in the field to make it equal. The world needs to see more inspiring women in tech.

What's the best way to keep up with what you are doing?

I post daily inspirational posts on Instagram @codemyjourney, and here are my personal projects https://github.com/codemyjourney

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