Hi, Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, I'm Kauress. Fullstack JavaScript and game developer and instructor. I run company called Let's JavaScript! and another company called Innov8 . Both are focused on Tech-ED. I also blog at https://kauress.me and put up instructional material on https://dev.to/kauresss

What are you working on?

A lot of things!

  • ✨Currently I am working with an educational company making instructional content for kids learning to code. It's a fun project!
  • ☄️I am also working on a virtual reality project that teaches Twitter Bootstrap. This project uses Unity3D to build VR experiences for the Oculus Quest
  • 💻 A JavaScript book to be published by PACKT. The book is an interview guide for coding bootcamp graduates to help them break into the industry and get a job.
  • 👘Besides work engagements I also have a machine learning side project that allows a user to signup and login with a sequence of body poses. This is built using ml5.js a JavaScript library that make it easy to implement machine learning in the browser

How did you get into your current field?

I took a couple of computer science courses at university eventually completing a master's in Neuroscience. I had been coding on and off during my summer vacations when I was in my teens. I loved playing games and one of my favorite games growing up was Purple Moon. It was the first RPG for girls at that time and you could do a lot of cool things! Growing up I spent a lot of my time reading and at a computer. I was very imaginative and loved building things. I've followed my passion for learning so far.

Kauress at her computer

What are your goals?

I would like to keep developing instructional material as I'm into meta-learning. I run a company in both Canada and India focused on learning.  Gamification of learning, play + learn is what I enjoy. Learning is fun and that's what I like to convey through my work. I also build products for SMEs as that helps me to sharpen and maintain my skills. When I have time, I build for Non-profits.

Fullstack JavaScript and game developer and instructor Kauress

Do you have a mentor?

Yes of course! It's very important to have a mentor at every stage.

Do you mentor anyone?

Yes, I have many mentees through the year. I like helping people. I typically use email and whatsapp messaging to communicate with my mentees.

Whats the best and worse advice you have received?

Best advice:


Slow down!

Be good at one thing, don't try and be good at everything at first!

Worst advice:

None. Never act on bad judgement and it won't become advice.

What advice would you give to people getting into your field?

Really narrow down your focus when you're starting out. You can't do everything all at once. Be ready to put the time, energy and effort in before you see any results or financial rewards. Tech is a very broad fields that impacts many industries, so be open to new opportunities. I see a lot of people give up too easily. Find a community of learners, this will keep you motivated.

It's important to also keep time out for family, friends and other things that you enjoy.

who do you follow? what blogs do you read?

Lots of blogs and people on Twitter.

  1. GamaSutra- an online blog
  2. Wholesome games: @_wholesomegames
  3. Dilmer Valecillos for VR: @Dilmerv
  4. Zoe Chlow for entrepreneurship and productivity: https://whizzoe.com/
  5. Women make on telegram : an online group for bouncing off ideas
  6. Diversify Tech to find online diverse tech communities :
  7. Elpha, an online platform for women in tech:
  8. Ness Labs Meta learning/science of learning:

Read our interview with Ness Labs founder here

What’s the best way to keep up to date with what you’re doing?

Read and be part of communities. Build! Build! Build!