Hi, could you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Hélène, entrepreneur and a no-code enthusiast.

Last winter, I co-founded Makezu after leading another tech start-up for 4 years.

Our goal at Makezu is to help bootstrap start-ups and entrepreneurs find their future customers and save time thanks to our automatic sender of personalized messages when a potential customer expresses a need.

And before, I first carried out consultancy missions to support the major TV & radio media HQs in their social media strategy and development of new related business models.

I’m also VP of ESSEC women alumni, our goal is to support women and help them to break the ceiling glass through mentorship.

MakeZu dashboard

How did you get into your current field?

It’s a non-linear path. I have a Master's Degree in Pure Mathematics and another in Marketing management, and after years of consulting, I needed to reconcile the 2 aspects.

I chose freelancing to keep time to build side-projects. But after several years in this position, I really wanted to develop my own product.

That was the main trigger when I co-founded my first start-up.

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"After seeing so many success stories about women in tech I knew it was possible"

-Gianina Skarlett,
frontend engineer

What are your goals?

My goals are simple, build a great product for my customers, pursue my entrepreneurship journey with a growing amazing team, stay updated with new technology to keep learning things, meet inspirational people and share my experiences.

You’ve made a tool to help people with find customers( https://www.makezu.io/). How did you get the idea?

During my previous start-up adventure, I identified this new market opportunity I wanted to develop. That’s how Makezu was born.

Could you tell the story of the development of makezu?

When I identified this market opportunity, I shared it with my previous investors who all validated the idea.

However, my co-founder at the time did not believe it.

So I left my previous start-up and offered my investors to follow me in the new adventure, which they did.

Among them, I was incredibly lucky that Anne-Sophie de Gabriac wanted to accompany me as co-founder.

All these votes of confidence really carried me to develop the product quickly.

However, we lacked funds, so we had to find solutions to develop the product, without cash.

This is where I really discovered the world of no-code, and we started to build the MVP in 6 weeks.

This MVP (which was not very smart) allowed us to validate the need with several alpha testers.

So we decided to take the second step: develop an intelligent brick to improve the product.

It took us more time but since the end of April we launched the new version which is accessible for free for now here: https://app.makezu.io

We continue to improve the product and develop new features.

Do you have a mentor or role model?

I don’t officially have one, but I’m surrounded by incredible people who give me advice, who are very generous in sharing their experiences, give me comments and support me.

Do you mentor anybody?

I had mentored some women through Techfugees organization in Paris. I’m keen to do it again.

What advice do you have for people breaking into tech?

If you have an idea, just start building.

If you’re not a tech person, the no-code movement makes it easy for anyone to create products on their own. It’s really game-changing for anyone, and what is cool about it is that it’s a way to appropriate the tech.

I have a huge concern about the lack of women in the tech field, that's why I think No-code is so important to break the women-mental barrier on those subjects.

What could the tech industry do to foster female talent?

I think your website is a good start to spread profiles of women who are in the tech industry.

But educating little girls is also important. Turning tech learning into a game could be a good way to get more women to embrace technology, it's really fun and lets you do whatever you have in mind.

Any initiative to share female role models is really important.

Any online course too.

Who do you follow?

So many different people! Start-ups, tech founders, e-marketers, VCs and of course no-coders…

Right now I love @ArlanWasHere, @bentossell, @Joshua_Tiernan, @rrhoover, @SheLovesTechOrg, @indiehackers, @women_make

Whats the best way to keep up with what you are doing?

Twitter : @helenelucien, instagram : @makezu_io,  or on makers community like @women_make

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