Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi! My name is Ioana and I am a Software Engineering student based in Bucharest. I was a Google intern in London twice and this summer it will be the third internship for me. Almost 8 years ago, I started to write code for the first time. I have been learning since then and I will graduate Bachelor's in Computer Engineering this summer.

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What are your goals?

My main goal is to become a successful woman in tech and inspire other people to follow this amazing career path. I want to try many languages and technologies in order to discover areas that I enjoy working on. In this way I won’t get stuck into one field and I can get all the opportunities that I will have. I want to explore the world and learn from every experience.

What tips can you give for getting a good internship (like Google)? How to make the most of that kind of opportunity?

First of all, you always have to remember that you should work hard for your dream to come true and never give up. Maybe when applying for a job at a big company you will be rejected once or many times. The thing that you should do is to learn more and apply again next year. The resume is the one that matters for getting an interview, so you must include some personal projects that show you ability to code. The key of having a successful coding interview is practicing a lot before the interview and be confident about your skills.

If you obtain one internship I recommend to get all you can from it. As you may expect you will focus on programming knowledge, but the most important is to extend your network by meeting a lot of people from this field and find out their stories. In this way, you'll get inspired and motivated to become a better programmer.

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Do you have a mentor or role model?

I can't say that I have a mentor, but I there are few people from the tech field that I appreciate. My boyfriend is the one that supports me every time and his enthusiasm for coding is motivating me to become better and better everyday. As a role model, I appreciate the work of Anita Borg, the person that promoted Woman in Computing and founded the Grace Hopper Celebration. I took part in the last two editions of this amazing meetup of women from technology field and I am grateful for this experience.

During my internships I had a mentor that guided me, answered all my questions and ensured that the program was a success.

Who do you follow?

To be honest I don't really follow someone on a regular basis, but I like to check programming, technology and science articles on Medium ( Sometimes I watch TedTalks videos that I find a good source of motivational content. There are few instagram accounts that inspired me when I started this journey: @joeel56, @sundaskhalidd and @veronikacodes. There is also a Romanian blogger that I admire @sanziananegru.

What's the best way to keep up with what you are doing?

You can check my Instagram profile for daily updates I also have a blog where I post about the experiences from my life:

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