Hi, Could you introduce yourself?

I am Jalisa Islam, a computer science student, and a young
entrepreneur. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have been gaining
experience as an entrepreneur for the last two years. Mostly I do work
as an Android Developer. Through competitive analysis and digital
marketing, I build a bridge between the market and digital products. I
am a student and soon to be graduate with a Bachelor's degree from
United International University. Two startups that I have introduced;
One is travellersdobby (travellersdobby.com), which is a travel blog,
and another is LiveKlass (liveklass.io), which is a virtual classroom. I
am a co-founder of both of these startups, I have a passion for digital
marketing and playing the role VP of Marketing at LiveKlass.

Female entrepreneur Jalisa

What are you working on?

These days mostly, I am busy with doing market analysis and
adapting methodologies for the development of my startup LiveKlass. For
ensuring upward trajectory of my startup, I am doing research and
devising strategies and monitoring the effectiveness of my measures. But
being an entrepreneur and co-founder of a startup does not mean that I
always adhere to just on a definite side that I am good at.
Entrepreneurship does come with a tough spot where I have to be on my
own also have to be there for helping and as well as connecting with
colleagues to help the team and the business. As I am a student of
Computer Science, I am helping my team to make a more user-friendly
system to stand out in this competitive market using empirical analysis.

How did you get into your current field?

The one thing I believe in and that has enticed me into the world
of technology is that anyone in the 21st century cannot even think a day
without using technology. Growing up, I had easy access to the computer
in our house, and from then, I have seen the expansion of technology in
an explosive way. Ten years back from now, could you imagine that our
life would be wrapped up by android, IOS, or could you imagine back then
that the device you are using to read my interview would be so smart? I
concede I didn’t imagine it then in this way. But when I observed how
technology was developing our world in many aspects that we couldn’t do
it single-handedly, it struck me I have to be part of the global change.
I decided to get myself admitted in Computer Science for that reason.
With the passing days, I came to acknowledge that how technology and
marketing are intertwined. I have seen exotic and robust software,
application to experience failure due to the lack of proper marketing
strategy, the ineptitude of not foreseeing the future trends, and, most
importantly, not considering the need of the targeted audience while
designing a system. With this thought in my mind that if I research
about how the market works, sales trends, and analyze the need of the
consumer, I can build my tech startup one day. In this era, you cannot
risk being subpar in business, so initially, I got involved in an
export-import business with some of my friends to educate myself with
the challenges in entrepreneurship. That business has made me realize
how entrepreneurship works. When I got married, with my previous
business experience in my hand, I gave a thought about building startups
along with my husband as both of us from the same industry and with
collaborating technology and marketing experience we can create
something new. Now here I am.

Startup co-founder Jalisa

What are your goals?

To set my goals in the future, I have first to figure out which
goals I should not chase after.  Sometimes we set a goal ahead of
ourselves, which is unrealistic, resulting in us having torrential
despair, so one thing I had to do was keeping it simple yet beneficial
for my personal growth.  Setting up an ultimate goal is not easy and
needs time and experience, I believe. Before setting up a goal, I had to
find my passion. As soon as I discovered my passion for technology and
business, it became easy to fashion my goal according to my passion. I
have always loved to help other people either in personal life or
professional life. So, I have always thought about a conflated way to
heighten my learning curve and pull others up and open doors for them.
So, I aspire to create a digital platform—connecting people,
organizations, and resources in an interactive ecosystem through
technology where million can find the source of income as well as take
technology to its next level. I am working to achieve this ultimate

Do you have a mentor?

Of course, I have mentors.  I haven’t learned it all by myself. It
is true I have a passion for technology and business, as I said earlier
many times. But The woman I am now is the real contribution of some
people who have nourished my intellectual faculties and educated me with
the challenges, and most had gone to an extent to support me to this
day. The list of my mentors starts with my mother. A wonderful nurturing
woman with a nuanced sense of leadership who has paved my way to
becoming an entrepreneur. She has taught me how to become a strong woman
in this male dominant society. I cannot end my list of mentors without
mentioning the most important person in my life, The man I am married
to. He is an excellent sensei to me who has been doing his best to
enrich my knowledge and skill-sets to stand out in the crowd as a

Do you mentor anyone?

Ans: Not yet, Mentoring someone needs a  great deal of experience and
discernible skill-sets. I am still on my learning phase and educating
myself with the newer skill everyday. My husband is relentlessly working
on my development and pushing me forward to achieve excellence. I
believe that one day I will have the courage and excellence to mentor
someone to achieve their goal. When that day comes ,I will empower those
women who will be struggling and looking help of others.

What could the tech industry do to better foster female talent?

Ans: Although we have come to the 21st century, the orthodox and age-old
prejudice against women has still been reigning in our society. The most
gender gap a woman face is in the field of technology, and there is no
denying that. Women in the tech industry earn 29% less than their male
counterparts. Three out of four girls express an interest in computer
science. One out of four jobs held by women in the IT industry, says
women in technology statistics 2019. In the last 40 years, almost 90% of
all information technology licenses were made by male-only teams. Does
that show you how our tech companies are lagging in recruiting and
advancing women in tech?  Equal work, equal pay- is a fascinating
incentive structure to attract women in tech. First companies have to
get their head around the fact that there is an absolute distinction
between man and woman. Women are still responsible for the majority of
child care and household duties, and a generous, paid-leave policy and
flexible work options - while a significant draw for parents of both
sexes - is one way to make your business more attractive to women. Last
but most crucial steps would be throwing out the appalling beliefs that
a woman does not belong in the tech industry. If anyone is reading this
from any tech industry, this is for them -Over the last decade, research
has shown that companies' bottom lines benefit when they actively
recruit, develop and advance women. Studies demonstrate that enterprises
that strive to include women are better able to attract and retain
talent, reduce turnover costs, enhance organizational performance and
build a robust leadership pipeline. Talents in women who are interested
in technology should be treated in the same manner as men. If needed,
designing special programs, workshops, seminars will do a long way to
celebrate women's talents and skills. Talented women are scattered in
front of our eyes; once we assemble them, nurture their abilities, the
change will come along.

What advice would you give to people getting into your field?

Myriads of advice will be showered on you from the people you have
come across to this day. But let me reveal the most potent yet
rudimentary and straightforward advice that will be going to stick with
you for a long time. If you are getting into computers, be able to work
with end-users, be able to talk to customers, have strong communication
skills. Don't get into IT if you hate people, because so many aspects of
IT involve direct customer (people) contact. If you suck at working with
people, that can be hard to learn.

Research, Research and Research- that will keep yourself updated
according to the ever-evolving tech world. One thing you have to
remember, skills that you possess should be pushed to the limits, and
there is only one way to the do that, and that is taking risks and
challenges. Challenges will make you a savant and will help you to
achieve a sagacious way of looking at the problems

What's the best and worst advice you have received?

I genuinely believe, the advice is the mirror reflection of a
person’s thinking. So the best advice I  have had growing up is that-
When you’re trying to solve problems, negative people will always come
up with a reason it won’t work. Trust me, and I have a ton of experience
on this particular problem. After stumbling upon people with negative
vibes around them, I learnt it in a hard way that believing in own
skills and learning is the best way to strive and thrive in this earth.
Loads of terrible advice I have received over these years. But one
specific advice that had troubled me that, if you have it, then show it
off- It might encourage people. Encouragement does not work that way.
Helping people, celebrating people- that is how encouragement looks.
Showing off needs extra attention to things that are not worthy of your

Who do you follow? What blogs do you read?

Technically, I don’t follow a specific person but do follow a bunch
people whom I think are savant and try to enlighten the world with their
wisdom. Steve Jobs would be one of them.
To grow up as a person and clear up my thought process,  I read blogs
about psychological facts and how I can improve my mind and brain to
foster new ways of learning.
As I am from the technological side, I read tech blogs, especially
medium. Also, my husband writes tech blogs on medium. I also follow

What's the best way to keep up to date with what you're doing?

You know new ideas are always generating and shifting the paradigm
of our thoughts. So It is quite an unassailable trait to keep oneself
updated from many aspects. I always keep my on Udemy.com and
coursera.org and pick up the courses I need to make my skills more
adaptable to the newer idea. You know the tech industry is too dynamic.
The industry is improving with Artificial Intelligence  & Machine
learning. To cope with these, I have to stay engaged with updates, read
blogs, and take mentorship from seniors.

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