Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Katie Tran, I am a Graduate Medical Scientist turned self-taught Web Developer. I currently live & freelance in Sydney, Australia. I am passionate about all things women empowerment, women in STEM and empowering others to be brave to chase what they believe in. I also love making desserts, coming up with innovative recipes, hiking and writing.

What are your goals?

I am passionate about the intersection between technology and healthcare. My goal is to be on the digital transformation space of healthcare and technology in Australia, using technology to drive change to fulfil improved healthcare experiences for human lives or a need. Whether that is building software for the delivery of medicine or developing mobile applications for instantaneous healthcare through telehealth, and overall developing technology that can assist in improving the healthcare experiences of an individual. Additionally, my other goal is to connect and empower women in STEM and be a mentor for career changers, because IT is possible especially in Tech.

Female graduate Medical Scientist turned self-taught Web Developer

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently I am expanding my skillsets in web development & working on building my website. I'm also writing for multiple publications in educating women in STEM and the impact technology has on the healthcare sector, which I'm very passionate about.

What advice would you give for people getting into STEM?

Be brave. Chase after what you believe in. Hold onto that undying flame. This is YOUR journey. Whatever your journey may be, people may question you & say things. As a woman in STEM, you have to learn to look past the noise, focus on pushing your boundaries, and outgrowing yourself. Focus on what matters to you and build on your craft. Learn to appreciate the struggles as much as the successes. Nothing comes easy. Work towards your goals, living your best life and remember to be HAPPY doing so. Don't chase success to be happy. Be happy building your success & dream life. You got this :)

How could we better Foster female talent in STEM?

Ways we can foster female talent in STEM always begins in childhood. This entails early exposure to STEM books, stories of women in STEM, activities & showcasing talent in the field. Then moving on to school and education, introducing societies, associations and groups. For example, leadership and mentoring programs to make STEM more inclusive to women & driving that participation. Providing education, meetups or free boot camps in coding or any field of STEM to show encouragement, motivation and support is significant in fostering talent. Not only in formal schooling, but also in the workplace and community for graduates & career changers. We can advance women in STEM by empowering female employees or graduates in mentoring or leadership programs through strong demonstration of female leads. Altogether, we can share ideas, support each other and show the world what we can offer.

Female web developer in San Francisco

If you had to start again, what would you do differently?

If I were to start again, I definitely would have loved to have challenged the norm and tell myself don't be afraid to explore new things at an early age. Get out there,
embrace the differences and own it! You have this lifetime to walk the life you want to walk, so make it count! Even today, it's never too late to start today!

Do you mentor anyone?

Yes, I have a mentor. Her name is Anna Hua and is a leader in the technology space, specialising in all things digital transformation, innovation & software.

Anna has taught me many things along my journey, but there is one learning that stood out to me. As I took a pivot in my career stepping into the world of tech, all felt impossible. I was drowning under imposter syndrome. But, I learned the art of asking questions. Because even if you don't know everything in your field, you have the right intentions. That stuck with me for a long time, coupled with loads of perseverance, here I am today.

Anna is a strong inspiration to me. Leading and pioneering change, she sets a positive example, to be bold & own it as a female in tech.

Yes, along this journey I am also a mentor myself. As a career
changer, I provide career coaching & life coaching to individuals in STEM. Neverthless, I am open to mentoring individuals from various walks of life, looking for a career change or empowering STEMinists

Who do you follow?

I follow a number of developers and tech enthusiasts, & female Devs/content creators for STEM online. A few favourites are fightcodejulia, gigi_codes, vickysdailystandup and codercoder. They are all females in STEM and are great role models giving very practical and useful advice 😊

Asides from tech, I'm also a fitness and superfood junkie so I tend to follow a lot of fitness/health content creators such as Natacha Oceane, Krissy Cela, Sarah's Day (from Aus) 💪🏻 .

I also follow some well favourite authors and role models, like Tim Ferris and an account called dailystoic. These accounts, I really appreciate, as it is a mindset and way of life.

How to keep up with what you're doing?

Keep up with my journey and what i'm doing over on my IG account: @katiekodes . There I have linked my Github, my website and blog for all things tech and empowerment. I also have a website for blogging, empowerment, travel adventures and recipes. So be sure to subscribe or send me DM's for an collaborations, mentoring or advice.