Hi, could you introduce yourself?

Hi, Name is Milly Berst, I am from Venezuela, but I’ve moved 20 years ago to The Netherlands. Although I am currently living in Germany, but just by the border with The Netherlands. I am a System Engineer and a self taught Full-Stack Web Developer and Web Designer with my own company, working as Freelancer for other agencies, but also for my own clients.

Milly berst with her macbook

How did you get into your current field?

After I moved to Europe, first I had to learn the Dutch language, I traveled a lot and I became a mother of 2 beautiful girls. The time flew and I didn’t work for a too long period of time .Then the time came when I wanted and needed to do something again. I knew that it would be very difficult to find a professional job in my field in the Netherlands or Germany.  Specially for the language, being a foreigner and the time that I had been without work.

Dutch or German can be quite difficult, but I found a language that is a bit more universal: “Programming”. I remembered how much I liked programming back in the University, so I saw a chance to find a job in tech or start working as a freelancer.

I’ve started to taught myself programming: day in and day out, doing online courses, watching youtube tutorials and practicing a lot! I always love learning and I got it quickly under control.

What are your goals?

I like coding very much, so I want to keep learning it. I am focus right now on Web Development, but App development is something that I would love to learn. Now I am just a freelancer. But my goals are to expand my business, grown my portfolio and have more own clients.

Milly Berst at work

Do you have a mentor?

I don’t have a specific mentor, but I get inspired every day by all the amazing women in tech on Instagram. Since I’ve started my career as Web Developer, the Dev Instagram community has been a very important for me to get motivated and keep learning.

Do you mentor anyone?

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to mentor, although I receive emails / DM”S  from people every day asking me if I want to be their mentor. I share all my tech journey on Instagram, some way I hope to inspire other girls and indirectly be a kind of a mentor.

What tips would you give to someone wanting to break into tech?

People must realize that there are so many opportunities and nice professions in Tech. The stereotypical image of nerds or only men in tech should just be over. If someone want to become a developer for example, first look around. There are so many online courses to get started. People don't necessarily need to go to college or have a mathematics background to become a good and successful Web/App Developer of other Tech career, but they must have the discipline to continue. It is just a matter of practicing and not giving up.

Who do you follow? What blogs do you read?

There are so many great accounts on Instagram with amazing content that I follow every day. I prefer to watch videos and listen podcast than reading blogs. One of my favourites podcast are Syntax.FM and Javascript Jabber.  

What’s the best way to keep up to date with what you’re doing?

I am very active on Instagram @millywebdeveloper, I am posting almost every day. I have my own website millyberst.com. Also you can find me on twitter: @millyberst, Facebook: @millyberst or LinkendIn (https://nl.linkedin.com/in/milly-berst-a5618469_)

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