Hi, Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Oksana, self-taught Web application  engineer.  Originally I’m from Ukraine, and now live in Toronto,  Canada. I do not have a university/college degree in computer science. In 2010 I graduated Ukrainian State Academy and obtained a Master's Degree in Finance. About 5 years ago I started my career in tech industry and it’s completely changed my life! I got a chance to make a real impact on user experience in WEB, I met a lot of smart amazing people, I developed my confidence and strong self-motivation!  

How did you get into your current field?

There were times when I was really into MMORPG games and was trying to trade game currency:) For this purpose I needed an internet shop, so I found a marketing agency to build one. All the work related to creation and maintaining my website was pretty expensive, so I decided to learn some HTML and CSS to be able to do at least some minor changes by myself. And that’s how it started! I realized that I can do it! It’s really manageable for a person without any  university/college degree in computer science!   I was learning how to code while working a regular job. From time to time I was applying for front end developer positions and   was invited a couple of times for an interview. Though, I didn’t get an offer - it was a really good experience to evaluate my knowledge and skills.  I remember that time when the first marketing agency opened its door for me! My first tasks were to do some minor changes on WordPress websites. The amount of new terminology and “not-understandable” things was overwhelming  - but I was so happy!  

What advice would you give to people getting into your field?

It’s important to remember that a college degree would not necessarily make you a great developer, practice and experience will.  It’s not just a job 7-8 hours per day, it's your lifestyle, which imply continuously learning and exploring frequently changing technologies! If you decide to become a self-taught developer - a really good start for your professional way could be an internship program. A lot of companies have such programs with employment opportunities  for successful candidates.  

What are you working on?

My recent professional experience included front-end and back-and development of large-scale PHP web applications. And now I'm really into improving my skills as a Front-end developer, so I took a dip dive into JavaScript learning and working on my own SPA project. Moreover I started my Instagram blog as @_it.fox_ to share my ideas, knowledges and inspiration.  

What are your goals?

Continue to make  contributions in creating products which I believe are beneficial to society, ensure best user experience. Learn new  technologies and sharp acquired skills.

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Thanks Oksana

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