Hi, Could you introduce yourself?

Hi My name is Sohila Zadran.  I am a scientist and investor!

What are you working on?

I am currently working on building AI platforms for women's health

Sohila Zadran female scientist and investor

What are the challenges and successes you’ve faced in your current role?

Women's health is poorly understood and needs a ton of research.  Some of the fundamental science behind why women go into menopause or why some women get PCOS and not others is still not known.  Sometimes it feels like I am wandering down a rabbit hole as every step I take to better understand the field actually takes me deeper into the unknown.

What are your goals?

To live a life that I can be proud of and that is impactful.

Do you have a mentor?

Much of my success has been tied to the amazing advisors and mentors that I have around me. Ronjon Nag, Raphael Levine, Liz Blackburn, Bill Rutter and many others have been amazing advocates for my work.

Do you mentor anyone?

Every year I donate a portion of my salary to help support a senior from my high school pursue STEM by offering her a college scholarship.

What could society do to better foster female talent?

I think initiatives that help with career development and training that is catered to the unique challenges women experience will be huge in ensuring a diverse talent pool

What advice would you give to people getting into your field?

There will be a lot of folks telling you what you cannot do, shouldnt do or dont belong. My advice is to fuck um and do your thing your way.

What’s the best and worst advice you have received?

Best advice - be grateful for the doors that open and respect the doors that do not open.  they were not meant for you and that is okay.  From Kevin Bethune

Worst Advice - you have to "play the game" - fuck the game and its rules.  make your own rules.

Who do you follow? What blogs do you read?

I really like content by Fem Patch Co on women's health and I follow Claudia Aguirre, PhD.  Claudia and I went to grad school together and she is an amazing expert in all things wellness.

What’s the best way to keep up to date with what you’re doing?

Ramble quite a bit on Twitter @drsohilazadran