Hi, Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Favour Adeniyi, and I am an Experience Designer and a Front-End Programmer. I’m a Computer Science major in college, and I’m currently a Summer Scholar at HP and a Fellow at RTC (Rewriting The Code), a community of 6,000+ women in tech. I’m also a Tech Content Creator, I write articles on Medium, and I make IGTV videos. All my content aims to inform college students, especially minorities about tech skills, and inspire them to pursue careers in tech.

woman in tech Favour Adeniyi

What are you working on?

I’m currently working on building a Chrome web extension with some of my peers. On my team, I am responsible for the user experience design and conducting user interviews and research to create personas for the project. I’m also going to be contributing a bit to the development side of the project with my HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills.

How did you get into your current field?

My coding journey began in January 2019, during my first semester of college.  At the time I was undecided about what to study. Out of sheer curiosity, I enrolled in a web development class where I built my first web page that said “Hello World!”

The possibility that I could build something that would not only solve problems, but be appreciated by users drove me to pursue a career in the tech field, and grow my web development skills. I got into tech by keeping an open mind, and  I fell in love with the design aspect of websites, and this inspired my passion for User Experience Design. I love problem-solving, and design gets to the root by providing solutions, which is why I now specialize in UX design projects.

What are your goals?

My short-term goal is to land a Product Design internship that would provide me with relevant industry experience, and enable me to solve user problems on a global level.

My long-term goal is to build a community of young people interested in the tech field and to continue to provide them with knowledge and opportunities that would be helpful to them in growing their careers.

Do you have a mentor?

Yes, I do! My mentor is Safiya Jihan. She works as an Account Executive at Microsoft in the Bay area. Asides from her job, she’s also the founder of her fashion brand “Safiya Jihan” - an all-inclusive clothing line for women.

Do you mentor anyone?

I recently got accepted into the RTC fellowship program, and as a fellow, one of my responsibilities includes providing mentorship for freshman girls in tech-related majors. This Fall, I would officially start mentoring freshmen in computer science in different schools across the nation, and I am so excited about that. I really cannot wait to meet my mentees and help them grow in their journeys. It is an exciting opportunity that I’m grateful for.

What could the tech industry do to better foster female talent?

I would say more engagement with the female community. Being a member of female tech communities like Girls Who Code and Rewriting The Code, has exposed me to more opportunities that I may not have gotten if I was not a part of them. Providing more learning opportunities to women and providing them with jobs and internships that would enable them to grow their skills, would really help in fostering female talent in tech.

Start with you. Start with a problem you want to solve.

What advice would you give to people getting into your field?

Start with you. Start with a problem you want to solve. Starting with that will guide you on the tech skill you should specialize in. The technology industry is a field that allows freedom. Freedom to think, to explore ideas, to create innovation.  Start from somewhere, and continue improving until you are at your best. I always tell myself that there is a possibility in everything, as far as you tell yourself you can, then you can be a badass at anything you want.

What's the best and worst advice you have received?

I was once told to not be too ambitious. That’s the worst advice I’ve gotten because it discourages me from dreaming big. It puts a level on what we can accomplish, and time after time, human inventions have proved that this is not entirely true. The best I’ve gotten is from my dad. He always tells me not to let failures, delays, and rejections pull me down. He reminds me that the greatest scientists also passed through hurdles and they achieved great exploits.

Who do you follow? What blogs do you read?

I get my daily dose of inspiration from reading articles on Medium about Product Design. My favorite writer on Medium is Julie Zhou, the former VP of Design at Facebook. Other writers I love reading on Medium include Viba Mohan, UX Collective, and Sahil Koja in Students Who Design. I follow people in different fields who all have diverse racial, gender, and social backgrounds.   From these blogs, I am able to learn more about the amazing things that they are involved in. These insights help me grow as an individual and a programmer.

What’s the best way to keep up to date with what you’re doing?

I am very active on all my social media platforms. You can follow me on Instagram @favor_adeniyi to watch my tech IGTV videos series - Tech Talks With Fave. To read my articles on Medium, you can follow me there @favouradeniyi. You can find my portfolio on favouradeniyi.myportfolio.com and you can follow me on Twitter @afrotechbabe. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn - Favour Adeniyi.

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