Tamara’s life purpose is to empower females working in technology to live a balanced and purposeful life. She founded FIIT Collective to create a global support network for females working in tech, or considering information technology as a career.

Along the way Tamara spent 8 years as a circus performer, graduated from Bond University with a Bachelors of Business and Accounting, then moved into recruitment, before finding her joy in technology. Tamara now works for Salesforce, one of the leading technology companies globally, as a Senior Solution Engineer.

Since founding her business Tamara has been awarded:

  • Top 5 leading ladies in Tech on Instagram by Women Who Code
  • Top Blogs Young Women In Technology Should Follow by Code Like a Girl=
  • Finalist for the ARN Women in ICT Awards

Finalist in the Emerging Leader category of the Empowered Women Awards  

Tamara being interviewed

What are your tips for someone breaking into tech?

Technology is one of the most exciting industries you will ever work in. It is one of the only industries that exposes you to every single vertical whether that's education, health sciences, finance or retail.

If you're passionate about tech or have a strong curiosity and find yourself reading about it for hours and lose track of time then jump in and go for it! Tech is teachable, passion isn't. Passion will always take you further... so if you feel that fire in your belly and the tech industry excites you then jump straight in!

There are so many free courses out there to help you learn to code, or learn about cyber security etc. Start doing those free mini courses online in all the different areas of tech, and identify the subjects that excite you, that's a good indication of where you should start looking to enter into tech.

Please also remember that there are also so many other roles in tech other than programmers and engineers. Learning to code is not mandatory (although it is fun), however you can still work in tech and be a project manager, account director, tech lawyer! The list goes on and on! Reality is once you get into tech you're in for a rollercoaster of a ride because your role in 5 years time won't exist today, that's how exciting it is!

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"After seeing so many success stories about women in tech I knew it was possible"

-Gianina Skarlett,
frontend engineer

What are your Goals?

I have so many! I set a goal in every single area of my life. For my career at Salesforce, I want to be the best in my field, and to be that there are a few milestones I need to hit, like getting certified, working on some key accounts and extra initiatives. For my side hustle, I am in the process of building a digital product to help women in tech live a more purposeful career and life, I am SO excited about it. I am also planning on increasing my podcast episodes to weekly, which includes hiring a team to help with the editing of podcasts etc. My life goal is to inspire 1million career motivated women to live a more purposeful career and life and not feel like they have to choose between work and kids.

Do you have a Mentor?

Yes I have multiple at Salesforce in different departments, and outside of the organisation from other industries! I wouldn't be where I am today without them!

Do you mentor anyone?

I have in the past, but not currently. I have a lot on my plate at the moment so don't have the time for regular meet-ups. But I do spend an hour a week with a different females in tech to help them with a current challenge they are facing. I have recently helped three women in Salesforce get a Solution Engineer role!

Best advice:

The universe is always guiding you to exactly where you need to be. For example if you think a particular job is your dream job, and you don't get it... it wasn't your dream job to begin with... the universe has better plans for you!

Worst advice:

It makes me cringe now, this was when I was back in recruitment but it was "to use my looks, dress sexy and flirt with male clients to win over business..."

Who do I follow:

Key favourites are Jay Shetty, Lewis Howes, Pip Marlow, Tiffani Bova, Sheryl Sandberg, Emma Watson, Arianna Huffington and Gabby Bernstein. I am very careful with who I follow, and aim to follow accounts who provide useful or inspiring content... It's really easy to get stuck in a downhill spiral of negative self comparison on social media. If I ever catch myself feeling judgemental when looking at someone's post I make the effort to unfollow them, it's nothing they have done, I just need to work on myself before I am ready to follow them again.


I am more of a book and podcast kind of girl...

But I do enjoy Gabby Bernstein, Code Like a Girl and Melissa Ambrossini's blog.

Whats the best way to keep up with what you are doing?

On my instagram, my blog FIIT Collecitve aimed to inspire women in tech to live a more purposeful career and life, and my podcast - The Females in Tech Show by Tamara Johanna.

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