Hi, Could you introduce yourself?

I am a Corporate Chief Architect and Digital Strategist at Auna- a South American Health Care Organization.

I am also a director and advisor at rational7, a consulting firm, at The Blockchain Challenge, and at Darshana Inc.

I am the Co-Founder of LATINITY, the largest Latin American Women in Technology Conference.

What are you working on?

I am working to build digital capabilities for all the organizations listed above

How did you get into your current field?

I am a Systems Engineer by training and an early adopter of disruptive technology, as I found roles where the need for somebody to be a fast learner and eager to experiment with new technologies,


What are your goals?

That everybody can access the skills to build technology, and to be able to part of those efforts.

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"After seeing so many success stories about women in tech I knew it was possible"

-Gianina Skarlett,
frontend engineer

Do you have a mentor?

Many! Peer mentors, more experienced, from other fields, younger than me, I believe they can bring unique perspectives and I learn a lot from them.

Do you mentor anyone?


Whats the best and worst advice you have received?

No advice is bad. I received the best advice, and I delivered the worst execution. Context is important, that’s why an advice from somebody close is way better IMHO than an expert advice—expert advice might be actual consulting.

What could the tech industry do better to foster female talent?

At this point there is a lot of initiatives, but the best ones are the peer to peer ones. If you help 1.5 women, can you imagine if the thousands of us engaged in diversity initiatives can do?

Who do you follow? what blogs do you read?

Depending on my interests, I do not follow one in particular, but I prefer to read based on my trends.

What’s the best way to keep up to date with what you’re doing?

My social networks listed on www.natalie.uno

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